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Bébé Moiré is a unisex childrenswear brand created in 2020 by the Sydney-based textile designer Emilie Cacace, also the Director of New Business at Think Positive – leaders in direct-to-fabric digital printing and textile design.
Our unique pieces are designed to be played in, grown into and appreciated for longer. Small and thoughtful collections are cut from predominantly hand-woven fabrics sourced from artisanal communities in India and fabricated in Sydney. The linen is sourced from a historical mill in Ireland, while our certified Organic and wool knits are Australian. All digital printing takes place at Think Positive's Sydney facility with unique dye colours and patterns based upon Emilie's designs before being crafted into wearable separates.
Mindful of our commitment to ethical practices, our focus is holistic. In addition to using natural, biodegradable fabrics of exceptional quality, so too are the materials we use including threads, elastic, buttons and labels. Above all, we value the creativity and craftsmanship of artisan communities and endeavour to support and protect their practices to ensure their future for generations to come.

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