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The Earth spins. The seasons change. Our once tiny bébés grow and grow. They open our eyes to the wonder of the world. Open our hearts to what it means to be a carer for children and for nature. Colours are brighter, almost incandescent. Emotions and energy trip and tumble out of bodies. Every moment is new and creative. And in this chaos, the sparkle of Bébé Moiré was born.


Since 2020, we have been creating gender-free clothing and homewares for children (and sometimes adults) that are natural, colourful and ethical. Our custom prints are inspired by the colours and textures of nature, and the whimsy of a child’s imagination. We design and produce with holistic integrity, partnering with textile artisans that share our commitment to a gentle footprint on the earth. 


Our collections are designed as forever pieces and will be available forever. We forgo seasonal collections, designing and adding to our range in a slow and considered approach. Mother Nature doesn’t change the colour of her flowers to match the latest trends, and neither will we. 


Humble in our nature.

Conscious in our footprint.

Genuine in our approach.

Giving in our spirit.

Slow in our step.

Exotic in our heart.

Fire in our belly.

Gentle in our touch.

Communal in our culture.

Mindful in our language. 

Dreamy in our aesthetic.

Adventurous in our style.



In awe of life on this planet.

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