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Textiles & Production

We believe in employment for people, not machines. Honouring traditional practices and crafts, our textiles are handwoven by our textile partners in India. 

Our wool and cotton in our knitted collection is hand-spun, hand-dyed and then hand-knitted – from hand to hand to hand, and finally into your lap and on to your children’s bodies. What’s even more special about this collection is that the knitters all work from home, allowing women to earn money while caring for their children and families. 

Our Khadi and organic cotton pieces are again hand-spun and hand-woven on the loom, before being printed digitally with natural dyes and minimal water usage and wastage. We see this as a beautiful collaboration between traditional craft and modern technology.

We value the creativity and craftsmanship of artisan communities and endeavour to support the longevity of their practices. We hope you feel the integrity of their craft in every garment.




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